Zero Gravity UFO Kids Birds Nest Swing Set With Sturdy Metal Frame. Garden Fun For Up To 2 Children

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Zero Gravity have been synonymous with high quality play equipment for over 10 years. Garden swing design hasn't changed in decades but Zero Gravity are changing that, introducing the new Zero Gravity UFO Swing Set....

So what is the issue with standard swings? To be truthful, not a lot. Almost everyone has had a swing at sometime in their life and they can always be looked back on with fond memories. What's not to like about playing in the garden on a hot summer's day with the wind in your hair.

So how have Zero Gravity improved on the current swathe of swing sets available. Well they started with the frame. Brands are keen to save money on manufacturing wherever possible so they manufacture the frames from the lightest possible materials. As long as it passes the safety standards test then it's seen as OK. Not for Zero Gravity, the frame supports are made from 70mm diameter powder coated steel, 40% larger than budget supports. These give the swing extra strength and in turn increases longevity.

When I was a child our swing seat was made from wood and the chains to support it were made from steel. Nowadays most seats are made from cheap plastic supported by some blue nylon rope. You could only fit one person on the swing at a time and arguments would normally unfold as to so and so has been on the swing forever - when's my turn?

The UFO swing seat is made with a powder coated steel outer frame (coated in foam) with a nylon bed . Its not just any nylon, it's the same material used to make trampoline jumping mats so it's super tough. We've then made it big enough for two children, so no more arguments, right? Well there probably will be, but we can only do so much.

Cheap blue nylon rope has been replaced with steel chains that have been encased in plastic to protect little fingers from getting caught.