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Name: Mesh hanging chair

Load-bearing: 120kg

Chain: 1.5 meters

Material: Nylon Rope +Iron Tube

Diameter: small circle 60cm, large circle 80cm

High: 120cm

Fabric: Cotton


1. Do not use too much force during use, so as not to break the contact.

2. Hanging hammock must be strong support points, hanging height of not more than 1M, to prevent accidentally fell injured.

3. Do not tie the bed rope with a sharp point of support, to avoid damage to the rope.

4. Avoid carry-on buttons or sharp objects have damaged hammocks.

5. Before using please check the hammock rope, pull the rope to pull the shorter the better.

6. This product is not fire fabric, please stay away from the fire.

7. Note that the ground around the hammock clean formation, to avoid the choice of gravel, branches and other hard objects exist (try to use in the grass).


1. Always check both ends of the rope to prevent excessive wear.

2. It is forbidden to swing back and forth by a large amount to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the rapid abrasion of the ropes at both ends.

3. Please pay attention to personal safety while you are entertaining

Package Included:

1 x Mesh hanging chair

1 x set of tools

Note: Only the chair&tools. Does Not Contain Any Other Items !!! Such as pillow.