Loun.Ch Hanging Chair Seat Cushion Single Hanging Basket Chair Cushion,Green-Diameter105CM

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ASIN: B07CYGM89F BSR: 1,654,225
UPC: Brand: Loun.Ch
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Size: 105*105CM
1. Cotton fabrics (no balling does not fade).

2. Cushion with zipper design, removable and washable.

3. Cushion about 2.5KG (different fabric weight will be slightly different).

4. The cushion is lined (the cotton inside is packed in bags and will not run through the cotton. It is also convenient to wash out the whole bag of cotton, and there is an opening in the inner bag).

5. All cushions are delivered pillows (the pillows are also inside the bag, there are straps).

6. There are straps around the cushion (it is tied to the basket and it won't slip easily).