HappyPie Children Pod Swing Chair Folding Hanging Seat Indoor and Outdoor - Orange

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Pod Swing for children by Eggdel are adapted to the special needs of this age group. Closed suspensions that are suitable for children are a given for us. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance and the development of the brain. Eggdel pod swing made from cotton with inflatable cushion. Peace and calm as well as playground for an environment truly suitable for children. Mountable to ceilings or beams. For children aged 3-9.

Installation instructions:

1.take out the pod swing, unzip it at the bottom.

2.put the cushion into pod swing, cycle valve towards the zip opening.

3. insert the pump opening to air valve, fix it by one hand, other hand inflates it by pressing the inflator.

4. finish inflating, unplug the inflator, cover up the air valve, re-position it to the center and re-zip it again.

Attention: Put the cushion into pod swing before inflating, otherwise it is hard to put back the cushion inside. Adults supervision are required.

Outdoor Camping Use: Connect the spring hook with pod swing by a connecting band, suitable for the appropriate height trunk etc.

Indoor Use: Fix the expansion bolt to the beam, connect the pod swing with spring hook, or use the connecting band helping lower the ground clearance.