320cm XL Deluxe Hammock stand with hammock frame Larch Hammock ARADOS

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Hammock frame, 3.20 metre, incl.Hammock.

The wooden frames are all oiled (no cheap paint).

We also don't use any 'like...'.Types of wood.

Wood is a natural product.Every product is unique.

Variations in texture and colour, and differences in the wood and its colour due to the way in which the wood has grown, emphasise the natural authenticity and individuality of wood products.

The frame is extremely robust and easy to set up.

All chains and snap hooks are made of solid steel.

With the carabiners, the hammock can be removed quickly and easily,

Some facts about wood:

Due to the natural properties of the raw material, various differences in colour or texture may occur.We use larch for numerous products, as it is very flexible.When used outdoors, or subjected to strong heat, sunlight, air changes etc., splits may develop over time.This is normal for larch wood.These cracks are usually a signs of dehydration, however the strength of the furniture is not affected.That applies to all types of wood also holds true for larch. Changes to the surface will occur if used for a long time without maintenance.This can be delayed by taking appropriate measures, such as applying oils, etc.Please note that the screws in all wooden furniture can become loose due to the raw material's natural reactions to temperature and air humidity.You should therefore tighten the screws on a regular basis.