12364 XXL Beige 2 people maximum load approx. Hanging Chair 150 kg with Swivel

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The huge hanging cloth of about 185 x 130 cm is perfect for swinging and relax.
Take a rest after a long day of work in the garden, in the balcony, on the patio but also in the living room, bedroom, children's room, etc., there is nothing better than throw yourself in our hammock and unwind, have a doze, read a book, watch tv... enjoy your free time!

We did not spare on materials! The fabric is made of extremely durable natural cotton (320 g / m²), delicate even on direct contact with your skin. The hammock, which is 185 cm long and supports a maximum weight of 150 Kg, not only offers the possibility for an adult to comfortably lay down but it also provide enough room for swinging together for e.g with your child.

The solid wood bar and the metal swivel which rotates 360°, as well as allowing you to sit always in the right position, it also protects you from sudden turns, due to e.g. turbulent children.

The assembly is fast and easy. The solid branch of a tree in the garden, a hook screwed in the ceiling and a carabiner or a support for hanging chairs (not included) are enough to hold up our hammock.

- Cloth size: approx. 185x130 cm
- Cloth material: 100% cotton, 320 g / m²
- Wooden stick dimension: 100 x 4 (Ø) cm
- Supported weight: max. 150 kg
- New & Sealed

1x Hammock Chair (consisting of: 1x cotton cloth, 1x wooden bar, 1x metal swivel)